YTW Digital Waiter: One Solution To All Problems Restaurants Face


Running a restaurant efficiently is not that easy. There are many operations, from getting orders to generating bills. Using multiple software for all these operations becomes hectic. But doing manual processes requires more staff and time. 

Then what’s the solution to this problem? 

Digital Waiter, a single solution provided by Y The Wait to solve multiple issues of restaurants. From taking customized orders to payments, the digital waiter can manage everything. 

Here is what exactly YTW Digital Waiter can do for restaurants.

ytw-digital-waiterComplete Automation

Automation is the key to success when you are planning to scale up your restaurant business. Most of the restaurants believe that they can’t automate some tasks. But Digital Waiter has made it possible. The digital waiter can automate everything from taking orders, customizing food items to collecting payments, and a lot more.

Less Manpower Required

The workforce is always a severe issue for restaurants. More problems occur when it comes to festival seasons or peak hours. But Digital Waiter will work as an all-rounder for your restaurant. As a result, restaurants will require less staffing to serve even during peak hours. Restaurants will be able to operate more efficiently with half of the staff if they have Digital Waiter.

Zero Error Service

Humans make mistakes, but innovative technologies like Digital Waiter can overcome all the mistakes. From order details to food customizations, the e-waiter won’t make any mistakes. No matter if you have a professional staff or not, serve your customers professionally with E- Waiter. In a nutshell, it will make it possible for you to provide zero error service.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience is not just related to the taste buds. But it is related to emotions and feelings too. Enhancing the customer experience at your restaurant will help you retain existing customers and attract new customers. Your customers would become brand advocates for your restaurant if they experienced something extraordinary in your restaurant.

Hassle-Free Service During Peak Hours

Peak hours in restaurants are not only full of hassles for the staff, but they bother customers too. Managing customers on all the tables can’t be easy for the waiters and kitchen staff. Hassle-free service during peak hours will help you stand out from all the competitors.

Make Them Feel Special

Gone are the days when only luxurious and expensive restaurants had VIP services. Now all the restaurants can provide a VIP experience to all the customers. Y The Wait has made it possible with Digital Waiter App. It is like a personal waiter on every table of your restaurant. Customers don’t have to call the waiter for service. Every time they want something, they have a personal waiter in their hands.

Cost Cutting

Cost-cutting is always required, no matter if you are into the food industry or anything else. There are two ways to achieve financial stability for businesses. The first way is to get more sales, and the second is cost-cutting. Y The Wait understands it perfectly, and that’s what Digital Waiter is doing for restaurants. It will require less workforce and fewer resources like POS’s, billing software, staff management solution, and digital menus.

Final thought

Digital Waiter is not just to take orders from customers. The digital waiter is the complete solution for restaurants. There will be less human intervention required when you have the Digital Waiter to serve your customers. Y The Wait has developed this solution by keeping in mind the problems faced by restaurants. The Digital Waiter is not only to solve your problems, but it makes your customers happy too. It is never going to make mistakes that make your customers unhappy. The list of features that Digital Waiter has is so long.

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