Y the Wait – The Green Light for Restaurant Industry


Changing marketing strategy, upgrading sanitation tactics and digitizing menus are just a few things the restaurants are doing to attract business.

Contactless Dining for Restaurants

We have tools to implement contactless dining at your restaurant. Our solutions support your restaurant business in a changing environment.

Easy to Read Mobile-Friendly Menus

Keep your guests feel safe by assisting them to access the menu on their mobile phones. Diners need to scan QR code to pull up the menu. Let your guests enjoy reading extended details such as ingredients, images and much more. Necessary to ensure minimal human touch while ordering and settling the bills.

Dine-in – Online Food Ordering

Food Ordering App streamlines operations such as dine-in, takeaway and home delivery from one place. Enables your customers to utilize “preorder feature” and order food before reaching the restaurant.

Safe, Secure and Sustainable

We provide safe and secure contactless dining experience to your customers. Our food ordering app eliminates friction and turns the table faster. Along with multi-payment capabilities, the users skip human touch with a credit card or card readers. Enjoy sustainable experiences of splitting bills from one place to avoid confusion after making the payments.

What do you need to do?

As soon as you open dine-in, you need to make sure you serve the same delightful goodness and follow hygiene protocols at the same time. It would be best if you implement the following protocol to ensure your guests feel safe and secure while dining at your restaurant.

  1. Physical Distancing
  2. Mask Is A Must
  3. Temperature Check
  4. Foot Sanitation
  5. Eliminate Paper Menus
  6. Follow 1.5 M Social Distancing Norms
  7. Provide Face Shield To The Dining Staff
  8. Frequent Disinfection Of Restaurant Area
  9. Provide Single-use Utensils To Diners (upon Request)
  10. Implement Contactless Payments

Now, you are all caught up on everything you need to know about our food ordering app.

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