Y the Wait: Preorder Food Before Leaving Your Fave Restaurant


After the coronavirus outbreak, we are introducing pre-ordering to Y the Wait. It’s time to convert smartphones into a personal waiter to amid infection transmission. Our wonderful users can organize meals – even better. That’s right. Here are steps to hassle-free pre-ordering.

Step 1 – Select Pre-Order Option


Step 2: Select your fave restaurant


Step 3: Select items from the menu


Step 4: Select Your Preferred Time and Make Payments


Y the Wait is helping restaurants to put guest-controlled preordering in place. The preordering market is changing and progressing day by day. The restaurant owners are looking for customers expansion and boost revenue. The food industry is evolving, and many processes have come into existence.

Tune in with Y the Wait 

Y the Wait is different from several applications on the market. It is necessary for business people who are working in the field of food joints. Y the Wait is not limited to a few features. It provides customers services like order food online, nearby restaurants, preorder and takeaway.

Y the Wait and its advantages:

Preorder meals. Order food with a few clicks. Users can save time by order food in seconds even when waiting in traffic. Users can save time order food anytime as per choice.

Easy to understand. YTW app is easy to use, and anyone can place orders in a few seconds. Its attractive interface makes food ordering easy for customers. Experience every kind of food and place right with fingertips.

Manage menu online. It is easy for restaurant owners to update the menu without any manual hassle.

Secure Payment System. All the details are saved in a secured manner. There is complete transparency—no chances of fraud or misinterpretation.

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