excel sheet verses ythewait

Y the Wait POS Versus Excel Sheet


Want accuracy and scalability at your restaurant? Then, excel sheets are too old for inventory and staff management. They are tough to manage and lacks security. Excel sheets are unfit for agile business activities. Advanced comes in a role where spreadsheets leave off.

We are your solution. Restaurant POS app manages every part of the inventory and restaurant business. One platform with endless possibilities. Gain access to specialized tools to manage your business from a single platform.

We will compare excel sheets with POS software with spreadsheets. See the difference and decide which is better for you!

Excel Pros:

  • Create your own shelf-to-sheet counts
  • Do the necessary maths for cost calculation
  • Make charts and graphs online

Excel Cons:

  • Scaling issues
  • Errors are tough to fix and locate
  • Does not provide real-time updates

Importance of Real-Time Restaurant POS App


POS can be easily used to customize your business as per your needs. You can easily make changes to your menu, table placement, employee status, etc. Also, all of this can be controlled from a location away from your restaurant.

Analysis reports

The data that POS collects along with a smart waiter app can be used to look into customer preferences and behavior. This is one of the boons of artificial intelligence. You can know what most of the people visiting your restaurant love to eat and then plan your marketing accordingly.


POS is password protected and only the ones who have access to the password can access the data at your restaurant. So, your business privacy will be maintained with the software at all times.

Fewer errors

Ordering through POS reduces service levels to a great extent as the order details are computerized instead of being memorized by the waiters. They can cross-check and verify each order which is especially good during rush hours.

Smoother management

Table, payment, sine-in, delivery, takeaway, everything can be managed using a single POS app. This is truly a bonus for any restaurateur struggling to keep tabs on their business.

Time and money-saving

It collects orders from the customers itself and the order is forwarded to the kitchen staff, making the entire process very quick. Also, a single smart waiter app can single-handedly perform the task of lots of waiters at your restaurant.

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