Y The Wait – Online Food Ordering System Make College Life Easier


Reminisce the memories of my college days. In college, students wait in long queues to satisfy hunger through delicious food. After lectures, students went out in canteens to relax their minds after a long hectic schedule to have chit-chat conversations.

For example – In college, students wait in long queues for printouts, stationary for necessary resources. Sometimes, waiting makes the student late for their following lectures. But thanks to an online food ordering app – Y the Wait.

With Y the Wait – food delivery service, students anytime can order meals from a smart app. Students not only pre-order their meal but also deliver it to them on or off-campus. The question always arises in the student mind – “what is going to bring the fastest and cheapest food?”

Perhaps Y the Wait is popular among people because it serves quick & quality services to students. The app works on three services – home delivery, takeaway, and dine-in services. The main aim of serving food with digital waiter service for students is to make their college life more manageable. Students don’t have to stand in long queues for dine-in, wait for meals, and so on. , download Y the Wait app into your smartphones & relish the smart service.

Advantages for students

  • With accuracy, restaurants can manage the student’s table reservation. Students can schedule the applicable table according to demands and preferences.
  • It is a one-stop solution for students to make their life convenient with digital monitoring app.
    The digital solution will give quick & quality service to students to enjoy their food in the comfort of their homes/hostel/campus.
  • Excellent services can have a good impact on students to come back again in the restaurants.
    Contactless dining can bring convenience into student’s lives.

Y the Wait is an integrated smart solution that can make student’s life more accessible.

  • Quick & hassle-free service
  • Exciting offers & coupons
  • Enjoy happy hours
  • Split bills easily with friends
  • All payments accepted here

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