Y the wait – Bringing Convenience For Every Local Restaurant / Restaurant Business


Bonjour! Ciao! Willkommen! Hello!

We can’t wait to serve you! We will spout off whenever we get excited about something. Revealing good news! Y the Wait unwrapping its wings in UAE. Ramadan Kareem to all. The application is convenient to use, looks pretty darn cool, and most importantly, you’re clicks away from your digital services.

Introducing a concept you dire NEED to help you serve your guests like never before. Deliver a VIP-like experience to your guests with our mobile ordering service. You’re at the right place because Y the Wait is designed to offer a completely seamless dining experience. As social distancing is the need of the hour, we are bringing convenience at each table.

Here are a bunch of features that will get you to eliminate all inconveniences you experience during the evolution of business.

Ease Of Use

Ease your business management tasks on-the-go. Free POS Software conveniently can be used anytime, anywhere. Adopt for only a single platform and manage your staff members, back end and open-end kitchen operations, engage customers, track stock levels in real-time, view complete sales history, determine best-selling items and categories, and many more.

Pre – Dine In Reservations 

Stand out from the crowd with Pre-booking dining reservations. Conveniently cater to a large number of customers and make your restaurant visible through an online ordering system. If you aim to have a leisurely conversation during the meal, order foods that can be eaten with ease with digital tech.

Reach The New Heights 

Embrace the smart era of technology into your business. Increase the order frequency with Y the Wait. A well-integrated app will enhance your restaurant operations. Reach more customers efficiently and effectively with a wide range of demographics.

So don’t miss out and welcome the new beginnings with open arms. Jump it on the board and get started.

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