Next to our mobile application, Y the Wait offers a complete point of sales (POS) software to manage your daily restaurant operations. Our mobile app takes care of everything, from order punching to reporting. We help you to track sales, food inventory, and also simplify your bookkeeping.

Why You Need Y the Wait POS System For Your Restaurant?

On average, a high volume of cash and online transactions passes at your restaurant every day. You need a POS system to trace every penny of your sales. Y the Wait, works as a payment gateway for a credit card, net banking, and other online transactions. So, we make online purchases safe for your customers and your restaurant business. Our servers are accountable for all your sales, and no one can alter it unless they have login details. Thus, you make your restaurant free from any employee theft.


Benefits of Y the Wait POS System

Benefits of Y the Wait POS System1. Eases Your Billing Operations

Y the Wait enables you to ease out your entire billing operations. You can take care of bill splitting to tracking of delivery boys from the restaurant POS system. It will not only improve the process but also enhance the customer experience.

2. Keep A Tight Control Over Your Stock & Inventory

The biggest blunder most of the restaurant owners are doing is not to keep an eye over their inventory. Less or more ordering can be a disaster for your business. Y the Wait POS keeps a close eye on your stocks, which is a cause of your constant worry.

3. Manage Many Outlets

Do you always aim for expansion, right? To help you achieve your dream, you must use Y the Wait food ordering system. We can fetch a detailed account of all sales reports across all your outlets. Manage sales account and stock account for all the outlets from one place. Not the least, you can compare and analyze sales reports across all your outlets.

4. Arm You Against Internal Thefts

It’s an irrefutable fact that the restaurant sector is a victim of pilferage. As Y the Wait provides you real-time reports of all the sales and bills generated, there are no chances of thefts. You can run your restaurant without any dependency on your managing staff. Track your sales from across the globe from your smartphone. You can chill during holidays without any misappropriation in your absence.

5. Zero Investments

We made it entirely free for you yet did not miss any features. 

Y the Wait will make your restaurant business flawless. So, what are you waiting for? Fill our contact us form to get started.

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