What sets smart restaurant management apart?


The magic recipe for managing your smart restaurant well is simple. Successful smart restaurants follow these practices closely to continue to progress. In addition to having good management, elementary hygiene rules will be easier to apply, and the work of the team will be made easier. Ultimately, this process improves the quality, the working atmosphere, and all the ingredients for success.

The simple and fundamental rules to optimize profitability:

  • Simplify your card
  • Negotiate with suppliers
  • Control deliveries
  • Take a full inventory every month
  • Check the gross margin every month
  • Make technical datasheets for your main dishes
  • Calculate your cost prices
  • Analyze your sales
  • Follow the differences between your purchases and your sales
  • Inspire tell you what is working well and try new things
How Y the Wait can help you?

Reduction of waste

Anticipate losses when ordering. Detect the most important wastes. Identify what customers expect to simplify the card.

Automation & Ergonomics

Avoid routine and poorly fulfilling tasks. Intelligent supplier order forecasting. Intuitive application

Optimize your card

Analyze your sales, anticipate demand, and propose relevant offers at high margins. Establish your menus simply and analyze their profitability.

Decide faster

Appropriate presentation of results charts, personalized alerts, and accessible data.

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