We Are Beyond Your Imagination And Expectation


Y the Wait is a revolutionized application in the digital world. The application is also known as the digital waiter app. The concept came up amidst coronavirus when the whole world is confronting a crisis. Y the Wait business owners want to fulfill the needs of consumers with a one-stop solution application.

How Y the Wait – One-stop Solution?
Y the Wait is a one-stop solution because we serve beyond your expectation and imagination. In the application, customers can find the solution for dine-in, pre-order, and home delivery problems.

The chase to get the waiter’s and restaurant’s attention is now over. Easily sit on the couch or order your meal in advance or prefer dining at your favorite restaurants. Download Y the Wait app into your smartphones and enjoy your food conveniently with a digital waiter app.

Here you will get:

imagination and expectationStop wait, start eating
Stand ahead from the crowd with a digital waiter app. You can now directly order your favorite meal from smartphones. Scan the table, select a food item, and enjoy your cuisine from your favorite restaurants.

Digital menu at your fingertips
Y the Wait flawlessly displays the digital menu of a restaurant on your smartphone when you scan your table. Spend less time searching the menu and enjoy more time with your food.

Customized the food choices
Discover the happy hours with your friends when you install the Y the Wait app. Get the VIP experience wherever you go. Receive personalized offers based on your order history.

Simplified payments
Instantly pay for your order from your smartphone anytime and anywhere around the world with your local payment providers. Y the Wait offers digital payment options so that you can conveniently enjoy the food orders.

Even more!

You wish to enjoy the nightlife with your friends in your favorite restaurants. Download a smart waiter app on your smartphone. Become smarter with Y the Wait.

While traveling sometimes you don’t have time to have your meal. Wherever you are going, you can enjoy your favorite meal by rescheduling the date and time of your favorite cuisine from your favorite restaurants.

Sit on the couch and order your favorite cuisine with no minimum order value. Download Y the Wait app and experience the best deals here. Quicker and instant orders will be delivered to your doorstep. Hassle-free approach and become digital with Y the Wait app.

Come and be a part of the Y the Wait
Modern solution at your fingertips

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