Want To Grow? Increase Your Restaurant Competence With Y The Wait


One-stop solution, multiple uses! Y the Wait will help you to enhance your restaurant competence. Study at our blog how Y the Wait can give your customer & restaurants an enormous experience. 

want-to-growGet feedback & improve your restaurant service

Feedback is an essential perspective for the restaurant business to grow in the market. It helps you to heighten according to customer’s preferences and dislikes. Always think about the customer and set up their expectations in a restaurant. You can create a review section and request your diner to submit the post to understand their expectations and areas that can be improved. 

Promptly create offers & intimate customers on the same

If you’re in the mood to give your customer a free sweet dish to your diners today, you can create the offer in simple steps. You are good to do and keep it rolling. Not only this, you can pre-schedule your offer from our system. This way, you can grab the customer’s attention, and these offers can be managed swiftly. 

Create Quick and Easy & follow the ordering 

Y the Wait offers your restaurant automate food ordering solution. You can manage everything in your restaurant, right from the order taking from your tablets that come up as printing in the kitchen. Everything is smartly connected and helps your staff members to work with a flow. It will make your dining efficient and enhance your restaurant productivity. 

Create a positive impression about your brand and increase competence

Establish your restaurant identity by register with Y the Wait. Display mouthwatering dishes on a digital restaurant menu to your customers. Make a positive impression about your brand and tell your competitors why we stand ahead of the crowd. Restaurant can highlight price, select currency & language, and highlight your new arrivals. 


Smart food ordering solution for your restaurants. We will satisfy all your Digital Menu needs because we offer: 

  • Ability to create interactive menus
  • Working in offline mode
  • Flexible & work with accuracy 
  • Reduce error & wait for the staff 
  • Cost-effective and user-friendly

Be a Partner! Experience the best service by Y the Wait. Make your restaurant’s problems smoother with a smart era of technology

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