smart waiter app

Waiter app: Smart assistant for waiters


The waiter app improves the interaction between restaurant owners and customers. A virtual waiter promotes an in-house dining experience and gives a new experience altogether. Its powerful admin panel provides the right tools to manage daily tasks. The digital waiter app simplifies workflow and improves work efficiency.

Save Time

Smart waiter app speeds up the order taking process and improves efficiency. Helps you focus on taking orders instead of food preparation.

Easy to Use

YTW Staff app is easy to use and doesn’t need a professional training. Raise productiveness of waiter staff and lowers strain them.

Reduce Mistakes

Cut mistakes by taking orders at tableside and save efforts of the kitchen staff. Strengthen your restaurant’s image by serving the right orders at all times.

Faster Service

Quickens order taking process and cuts the waiting line. Staff or waiters can switch between different accounts and use the right information.

Efficient management of employees

Manage employee attendance and save restaurant manpower management costs. Best order taking app to manage the restaurant business.

Why Y the Wait?

Eliminate all line ups! Try Y the Wait now, you will surely like it. We have spent time with other businesses in your sector. We understand every pain point and created the perfect online food ordering app for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our customer care team for more information.

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