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Use Food Ordering System to Drop No-show at Your Restaurant


When a false booking comes to a restaurant, it has an impact on restaurant operations in many ways. First of all, there is a disappointment among staff members as a table goes to waste. Moreover, there are cumulative costs of prepped food wastage and time spent. For a restaurant running at a reduced capacity, the no shows are an industry plague. A high number of no shows can obstruct the restaurant operations.

In this blog, we’ll share possible solutions to reduce no shows at your restaurant.

1. Use Food Ordering System

Days are gone when people used to make a reservation on the telephone. Aside from human errors, it is not the best way to track reservations when bookings start pouring in. A food ordering system handles all the table reservations from several channels.

2. Ease the process of cancellation

A food ordering system offers an easier way for your customers to reduce no shows. The customers can confirm table reservations and change them as per their convenience. Moreover, the customers will receive automatic SMS and email notification about their reservations. So, diners will never forget about their reservation and also reduces the chances of no shows.

3. Make it a gift card instead

In most cases, customers do not return to a restaurant after a no-show. Instead of losing customers, the restaurant owners can return the no-show fee in the form of a gift card. This will give a chance to diners to stop by your restaurant again and turn them into long-term customers.

4. Communicate the issue

Most customers don’t understand that restaurants lose business due to no-show. Restaurants can communicate with customers and explain the difficulties they face. Also, use social media and blogs to make users understand the problem of no-shows. There may not be a way to end no-shows completely. Still, you can try to communicate with diners and begin to combat the problem.

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