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Turn Your Workers Into Business Skilled Fighters


Due to the current covid-19 outbreak, the restaurant industry has faced immense losses. During this time, doorstep food delivery emerged as a viable channel. Commissions charged by third-party food delivery app ate up the majority of profits earned by restaurant partners. YTW delivery feature empowered restaurant owners to start their delivery service by employing restaurant staff. There is no need for business owners to depend on third-party delivery partners to deliver meals to the users.

food delivery app

Here are the benefits of using the YTW food delivery app for your restaurant business listed below:

  • Complete Control

The main benefit of using Y the Wait is that we provide you with complete control over the delivery process. We help you meet the expectations of your customers. You have a chance to train your staff and manage the operations of door-to-door delivery. Also, our free pos software automates and streamlines complete delivery management.

  • Improved Services

If you want to get repeat orders from the same customer, then you must offer a top-notch food delivery app experience to your customers. With Y the Wait, you can train your staff and also choose a suitable delivery model. If a customer books a big order, you can send your best crew to deliver a meal. These measures will help you gain a better customer experience and grow your restaurant business.

  • Reduced Wait Times

If you choose a third-party service, the delivery person has to process orders from different restaurants. It leads to delayed orders and a bad reputation for your brand. YTW food delivery app lets you optimize delivery time and send the order to customers in a given timeframe.

We help you to keep your brand perception consistent in the local market. When you handle the entire food delivery, you offer added convenience and get referrals from clients. With Y the Wait, you can set-up a delivery system at zero investment and benefit your food business in the longer run.

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