Popular Food Trends in 2020



Have you heard of Cronut or Courgetti? Quite a few new terms entered our vocabulary in the last decade. In the New Year and New Decade, there’s a whole bunch of new things to experience. So, what you will eat this year? Something Roasted or Something Blue. Does alternative flour made from green banana or sweet potato will be all-new fresh flour?

As is tradition, it’s time to turn on diving whether what’s in and what’s out in food trends. Y the Wait has created a list of popular food trends that will be hot in the coming year.

Cause of the Year: Zero Waste

The fight against food waste can be seen everywhere on Instagram. Restaurants, school canteens, or even companies – everyplace stand-in support for #zerowaste. This trend is driven by a wave of food innovation that spans the entire value chain:

  • First and foremost, food innovation is around the dish in the cutlery. Vegetable plates, edible straws, and swapping single-use plastic with glass will continue in 2020.
  • Notably, in catering, anti-waste food innovation promotes repacking and re-use of glass jars during collective catering and corporate events.
  • No more mess! Food innovation is even in the trash. Too Good To Go, Meal Canteen. Organize or recover unsold foodstuffs with upcycling of waste or the solidarity fridge.

Colour of the Year: Blue

Blue and indigo are expected to colour more food this year. Ube, a purple yam, or Orach, mountain spinach, will be new root vegetables and fresh kale of the year. Blue corn, Blueberries, Blue Caviar, Blue Java Banana, and more will be in this year. The health benefits of eating blue food have come to the fore as it contains a high amount of anthocyanins. More anthocyanins mean more antioxidants.

Protein of the Year: Plant-Based Protein

2019 saw more plant-based options ever before. Plant-based proteins are likely to take momentum in 2020. People are becoming more conscious; therefore, they are opting for more meat-mimicking products. Mung bean, hemp seed, pumpkin, avocado, watermelon seed, and golden chlorella will be the best protein sources to be looked out in the year 2020. Classic soy and tempeh continue to be the best plant-based proteins.

Country of the Year: Japan

Summer Olympics 2020 is set for Tokyo. Not to say, we’ll see a rise in travel to Japan. The Instagram Uptick for #soufflepancake and #taiyaki isn’t a coincidence. Japan’s influence is expected to be extended to the American culinary landscape.

Milk of the Year: Non-Dairy Milk

2019 was the year of vegan-friendly beverages. Supermarkets and coffee shops are full of oat milk, almond milk, or much more as the population is switching to a vegan or plant-based diet. More likely, the need for alternative milk will not slow any time soon. Any nut, whether almond, cashew, walnut, or sunflower, is a high milk version. Dairy alternatives have a future in wherever you can think: coffee creamers, yoghurts, cheeses, and ice cream.

Flour of the Year: Seed Flour Blends

Cauliflower pizza is the most ordered food of the year 2019. That’s not surprising, 2020 will experience cauli products or other flour options. More food companies will bake with nutrient-dense flour instead of necessary white flour. Think alt-flour: seed flour blends in pastries and tigernut flour in snack foods and chips.

Spread of the Year: Seed Butter

Those days had gone when peanut butter was a big thing to eat at home or office. Nutritionally, seed butter is an all-star. Watermelon seed butter and macadamia nut butter are the new things to try in 2020. The idea is – if you can eat it, you can spread it.

So, what’s your take on eating in 2020? Install Y the Wait app today to order food online or enjoy hassle-free dine-in at your favourite restaurant!

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