Who doesn’t love savory Chinese dishes? Well, Chinese cuisine is really irresistible. No matter if it’s about dim sums, honey chili potato or anything else. If you are a Canadian who has found his true love in top Chinese dishes, then you might be looking to grab it now and then to feed your taste buds. Thinking of a dine-out in your favorite Chinese restaurant around you? There couldn’t be a better weekend plan than this, of course!

So if you are serious about feeding your tummy with the savory Chinese delights this weekend, let’s give you a list to drool over. Here’re some of the Chinese delicacies that must be on your radar this weekend:

1. Dim Sums

dimsumDim sums no longer just belong to China. The love for these elliptical-shaped delicacies has spread like wildfire across Canada and the growing numbers of Chinese restaurants vouch for it. Being one of the top Chinese dishes, dim sums are the choice of masses, especially as an evening snack. Stuffed with veggies, it’s a great food to enjoy with your evening tea over the weekend.

2. Hot and Sour Soup

hot and sour soupWell, all of us are aware of the ruthless winter in Canada that spares no one! But if you stick to healthy Chinese soups, they aren’t going to be harsh on you. Chinese delicacy, hot and sour soup, comes on top of mind when winters take a toll on you. With a tinge of pepper and fresh veggies, you will adore every sip of it. Try it this weekend.

3. Szechwan Chili Chicken

chili chickenComplemented with red chilies, Szechwan sauce, and brown pepper, Szechwan chili chicken makes a perfect delicacy to try over this weekend. This fiery delight carries the goodness of chilies that reset your mind and soul. Dine-in it in a restaurant nearby or order it to your doorstep, Szechwan chili chicken always exceeds your expectations.

4. Stir-Fried Tofu with Rice

stir fried tofu with riceChina has more to gift to a food lover like you than just noodles. It’s the stir-fried tofu with rice that never fails to tempt every foodie soul. The blend of oriental sauces gives a unique taste to this wholesome food. Grab it during any afternoon or night, its flavorful spices with the goodness of protein adds more to a healthy meal.

5. Honey Chili Potato

honey chili potatoWell, potatoes have fans all over but Chinese cuisine put a sweeter and spicier twist into them. Sliced into potato fingers and submerged into honey and tangy sauces, this Chinese delicacy brings balance to the sweet and spicy taste to you. It’s surely a thing to relish over the weekend.

6. Peri-Peri Chicken Satay

peri peri chickenLove chicken? With peri-peri sauce put perfectly into chicken satay, your love for chicken would surely increase by several folds. Its fiery and awesome taste comes out of boneless chicken pieces that are marinated and grilled to suit every taste bud. Keep it on your must-try Chinese food list and you will never regret.

The Key Takeaway

When the whole world is in love with Chinese food these days, how could you resist? Well, the craving for Chinese delicacies is for real. It reflects clearly the growing number of Chinese restaurants in Canada. Keep the mentioned Chinese delicacies on your weekend food list and you would love the aftermath. Some of the top Chinese delights you have already come across here and now, it’s time to find out your real-life experience with them. Hail the food!

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