Tips to significantly improve your kitchen operations


To be effective, consider using utensils adapted to what you want to do, adapted to each of your actions. You will be more productive! Each utensil has its action!

Season your dishes

This is what will transform a “dull” dish into an “exquisite” dish. By seasoning is understood the salty, the sweet, the sour, the bitter and the umami, in other words, the “tasty”. Salt your steak or add a pinch of sugar to a slightly sour tomato sauce can be critical gestures that will completely change the dish.

Use spices and herbs wisely

Thinking that herbs and spices make food better can be a big mistake. They can be useful for ‘accenting’ a dish, but will never make an average dish right – instead, they tend to make it worse. So no, we don’t say to ourselves that the more spices there are, the better it will be, and we keep a light hand on the ten small multicoloured pots placed at the corner of the worktop.

Use a sharp blade

Know how to handle and immensely sharpen a knife. Cooking is about creating texture, and a good, sharp knife will produce excellent, thin, even pieces to maintain the delicate consistency of food. A point not to be underestimated according to the expert!

Use enough oil

Fat, as we know, should be avoided as much as possible. It is essential for good cooking: it’s right, it brings to flavour, and it is practical. A well-oiled pan provides even heat to the food and allows to create here and there parts a little more brown and crisp. And of course, thanks to the oil, nothing sticks to the bowls!

Arm yourself with patience

Waiting a bit before enjoying your meal can have many advantages. Thus, it is not recommended to serve a stew before the meat has had time to tenderize or a sauce before allowing it to rest so that it concentrates its flavour. Who comes at the right time to who knows how to wait, we say… Patience!

Lastly, don’t forget to use a smart waiter app to improve restaurant kitchen operations.

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