Tips on How to Use Social Media Marketing to Boost the Bottom Line of your Restaurant

Tips on How to Use Social Media Marketing to Boost the Bottom Line of your Restaurant


Nowadays, a large number of people use social platforms, and it has become an excellent place for advertising. Social media networks have a tremendous opportunity to attract new customers.

Here are a few tips you can use on how to use social media marketing to increase revenue and order food online at your restaurant.

Segment your audience according to your location

First of all, you need to segment the audience as per your location. Advertise on major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On these networks, you can run ads as per your area, age, gender, interest and also target people who have passed near your restaurant or have even visited it.

Facebook assists you to segment your posts according to your area or even without having to be paid ads. On the other hand, you can use the Hashtag to be more specific in your location.

You can even start posting without paying. It will assist you to see the level of response from the audience. When you reach and define the right audience, you can take the risk of advertising your restaurant with paid budgets.

Use promotional mention strategies

An excellent way to promote smart dine in with your advertisements on the social media networks is by inviting the public to like your fan page. You can even mention a discount or promotion in your restaurant on your advertisements. Try to use select dates or events to start this strategy. Another good plan is to make a post and encourage people to mention a certain number of friends to get the discount, or whatever you are publishing in your post. This type of strategy will expand the reach of your publications, multiplying the number of people who will see your ads.

Create your hashtags and position them in your audience

Start with location hashtag. It allows you to segment your audience. This type of marketing directs people close to you. Apart from this, create a hashtag that will enable the activity to be recognised by your audience. Keep in mind that positioning a hashtag takes time and must be something of constancy. For this reason, we recommend that you initially accompany your Hashtag with mention strategies.

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