The restaurant sector is reputed to be one of the areas with the highest turnover. Severe working conditions, shifted hours, lack of motivation: what if your management method could change things? And yes, motivated employees who feel valued are invaluable, and their productivity is immense. Here are five tips for being a good restaurant owner and making your restaurant a healthy and productive workplace! 

  1. Use positive speech

 To motivate your employees, you have to create a positive working atmosphere: that is, an atmosphere that stimulates employees. However, to create a positive working atmosphere, you have to be positive yourself. 

  1. Be human

There is no need for bosses to shout all the time to be respected. They doubt they believe that if they are vulnerable, they will lose the respect of their subordinates. It’s not true! And yes, when you’re going through a difficult time or your restaurant has concerns. 

  1. Learn to say “Thank you.”

Never stop yourself from thanking your employees for being good at what they do. By showing them how their work and their achievements have contributed to the success of the restaurant, you will encourage them to understand the meaning of the work they do. 

  1. Praise in public and reprimand in private

Recognizing the excellent work of an employee in front of the team is special for the employee but also for the rest of the other members as well! And yes, she will have a better vision of what you expect from them: they will be able to improve. 

  1. Offer them your help

To create a stimulating work atmosphere, your employees must feel comfortable. One of your best servers would like to move to a managerial position? Allow him to take a training course or help him by writing him a letter of recommendation. They can only be grateful to you!

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