A restaurant is a very sophisticated company that can become a difficult puzzle to solve, and training is essential. If you want your income to be profitable, you must know better than anyone raising the blind is not enough. You never stop to learn new tools that help you sell more and get the profitability you need. And since all the help is little, we want to share with you a few Restaurant Promotion Tips that every restaurant owner should know.

  1. Marketing doesn’t work miracles.

Restaurant Marketing is the final step you should take once all the elements of your restaurant are in place. A concept that is well defined, with a profitable menu and effective management, are primarily responsible for your sales growing.

You must use Restaurant Promotion Tips to earn additional income or give a boost to sales at critical moments. The best thing will be to analyse what is failing and find the appropriate training to solve your problems with the help of an expert.

  1. Location matters a lot.

The location is so important because your sales will also depend on it. Restaurant chains spend a lot of money on places that are safe and ideal for their model, while others opt for a cheap rental, regardless of the area, hoping that people will decide to eat there. Think, for example, that 50% of a restaurant’s traffic comes from being in an area with high traffic and excellent visibility, a smaller location will generate half of that revenue. Perhaps a better option is to invest a little more in a suitable place and compensate yourself with good sales to wait for customers to look for you. Planning of your restaurant promotion tips will take some time and strategize which deals work better, and what you can improve on.

  1. Do not exceed the rental cost.

What we just told you in the previous point, does not mean that you should go looking for the best place in town. Let’s not kid ourselves; your budget is not unlimited. But that is not going to stop you from choosing the best option either. We recommend that once you are clear about your business model and identify your client, for example, look for areas in which your client works or lives, but where there is the ease of contact with him. If your restaurant is going to be located on a street where you will not be able to park, and there is also no customer traffic walking in the area, visibility will not be the best. Find an area where other businesses that your customers are also interested in are located, and this will make things easier for you.

  1. Pay attention to how customers use your restaurant.

Paying attention to your customers will tell you a lot about what they want, as it may not be exactly what you thought they would want. Because the lack of comfort would surely prevent them from coming back. Once you analyse how your customers are adapting your product or location, this will help you change to them so that they can better enjoy the experience.

  1. Don’t focus (inbound) on the days with the lowest sales.

Instead, dedicate yourself to increase your income on the days that customers occupy your tables. Time and time again, restaurants focus their Restaurant Marketing on Happy Hour or discounts. And although at other times it makes sense, your first objective must be another. It makes a lot more sense to fix the bottlenecks that are causing orders to take time to come out of the kitchen, manage table rotation more efficiently, or make suggestive sales on every order.

Over time, a 10-15% increase in sales right now will have a much more significant impact than trying to fill your restaurant with people looking for a discount. And of course, we don’t want to say that you don’t have to make discounts, choose the time for them and not make them your referral strategy.

  1. Sell fewer things to earn more money.

Some restaurant owners think that a higher offer helps increase sales. It seems contradictory, but most of the time, that doesn’t work. Instead, it makes the concept less clear and creates an extra load in the kitchen. In this case, the first thing is to examine the current offer, calculate the cost of each dish and its profitability, ease of preparation and customer demand. From there, select the menu with the recipes that meet these references. The result is not just better sales profitability but an increase in overall sales.

  1. Know your clients.

If you think that a restaurant is suitable for any customer, then we have to talk. Your restaurant, like any company, needs to connect with a specific group.

Who are they?

Where else do they buy?

What do you like about your product?

What other types of food purchases do you make?

The most successful concepts are those that identify your potential client, with which they tune in and design offers for them. They speak directly to them.

It is the secret that hypnotises your customers and makes them go right to your door.

If you have not missed any of our tips and whether you already have a restaurant or if you are in the phase of creating it, you will have seen that learning to manage it is an art.

It is an obligation to train yourself, learn the best strategies that will not allow you to fail. Because what you learn now will save you years in time and money.

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