Before COVID-19 struck the entire world, restaurants were already moving towards online ordering. But with the acceleration provided by the sudden impact and rapid decrease in dine-ins, using an online food ordering system became an absolute necessity to keep their businesses running in tough times.

We have a simple guide to food ordering systems prepared for you so that you can know more about this trend and see if its benefits for your business.

What is an online food ordering system?

The food ordering system which works online is a software or app that can take orders, display your menu, accept payments and do much more digitally. It serves contactlessly in the real sense, which is much needed in the present scenario.

How does an online food ordering system work?

Customers can check the restaurants near them and the menu on their mobiles to choose their preferred restaurant. Or they can go to any restaurant for dine-in.

STEP 1: By scanning the QR code on their table, customers can check into the restaurant, and the menu will then open up on their screen.

STEP 2: They can browse the menu and place their order along with any special requests or requirements that they have.

STEP 3: The order will directly be forwarded to the kitchen, and the staff will send out a notification to the waiter when the order is ready.

STEP 4: The customers can stay updated on the live status of their order through the app and are served quicker.

BONUS: Customers can also request refills, additional supplies, and waiter assistance in the middle of their dine-in through the food ordering system.

Requirements for setting up an online food ordering system?

There is no investment required if you want to install a food ordering system at your restaurant. These apps and software are compatible with most of the hardware and can be used in smartphones, tabs, computers, etc.

Cost of an online food ordering system?

The average expenditure on setting up a food ordering system at your restaurant may vary. While the industry giants usually charge up to 30% per order along with free signup, there are much cheaper and equally tasty options available as well. So, you can search thoroughly and find something that fits your budget and needs.

Now, you are all caught up on everything you need to know about a food ordering system!

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