The Power Of Digital Waiter In Hospitality



Who doesn’t like to get served with one click? In hospitality, the quality of service is the most important thing besides the kitchen. But, the waiters make a common mistake and keep their job limited to “accept an order, bring food, give a check, and get a tip.” Waiters don’t have complete know-how about the subtleties of their profession. So, you have to spend plenty of time to train your waiter staff from scratch and help them to overcome bad habits. As a result, you may face time and business loss. We understand you want to give the best hospitality service to your guests. And, you do all the necessary things to tell more people how great you are.

We make it happen. With Y the Wait app, you can change the face of your restaurant to the customer from a human waiter to a digital waiter. e-Waiter ensures quick order placements and simpler bill payments for your customers. The POS system provides better work organization and management in your restaurant. We’ll let you know how Y the Wait enables you to redefine the dining experience at your restaurant for better!

Interactive Menu

Y the Wait provides detailed information about menu items to your customers. They get a better idea about the dishes you serve and make everything far more appealing. Guests can find their favorite dishes with a quick search feature in the Y the Wait app. Also, add special comments along with their order to get served flawlessly.

Speed Up Service

YTW Business Staff assists your waiters in managing customer orders and the kitchen at the same time. Digital Waiter performs three different tasks in one go. Serve customers, sends requests to the kitchen, and fetch the bills. Thus, your waiter can serve more tables with utmost ease and perfection.

360-degree overview

Y the Wait takes every order and conveys it to the kitchen. So, the order taking and deliveries are flawless. Also, you can check the live status of the order preparation and order queue in the POS system. Thus, the waiters can perform the required action at the tables and handle takeaways.

Your services become better

Drop the pen and paper method with Y the Wait. Offer prompt and correct deliveries to your customers. Customers wait long to meet the waiters’ attention. Waiters get a notification for every request over their mobile application. As a result, you impart a better dining experience to your guests.

Y the Wait makes everyone happy at your restaurant. For fast and accurate order service, choose Y the Wait today!

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