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The 5 Most Instagram-able Restaurants in Chandigarh


Calling all-happy Chandigarhians! Do you do it for the gram? No worries! We all do it.

Chandigarh is an absolute treasure trove of aesthetically striking venues just waiting to be captured and shared on Instagram. The city is filled with picturesque nooks and crannies with a little something new, special, and perfect to brag over afterward.

Maybe you’re after the perfect backdrop to your birthday stories, or whatever the occasion, we have done the location hunting so you don’t have to.

Want to smart dine in at restaurants? Check out our list of Chandigarh’s most Instagrammable restaurants!

1. Ginni Buns


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One of the most popular restaurants in the city, Ginni Buns should be on your bucket list. It’s exactly the backdrop you were hunting for your next Instagram post. It is a fun and quirky space catching the attention of passers-by. Colorful indoor plants and wooden tables adorned with beautifully plated degustation and tasting menus, we think are some of its best!

2. Los Amigos Cafe

For anyone who’s a gram fan, you’ll have heard of Los Amigos Cafe – one of Chandigarh’s most instagrammable and preferred smart dine in at restaurants. Los Amigos Cafe’s kitchen crew put as much work into the presentation as they do the cooking – yup eye-popping degustation dining is a thing, people. Snap, tag, and then eat away!

3. El Mexicano


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Behold the delicious delicacies at El Mexicano – simply ahhhhmazing. Let’s be honest, pretty much everything – seriously, this place is for book worms. You can grab a copy of your favorite author, and snap an insta-worthy pic with a backdrop of tall wooden shelves filled with books. You can even borrow a book and return it on your next visit. Isn’t it cool?

4. One 10 100


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Maybe true for millennials in the crowd, who want to take a photo with walls adorned with beautiful paintings to be the cafe’s major draw. One 10 100 have become a hotbed for Instagram-ready art paintings in their own right. But it’s not just beautiful paintings that will have you reach your smartphone – their savory food is as much a feast for the eyes, as it is the stomach. Be sure to try out their eye-catching and gut-grumbling menu.

5. Nukkar Dhaba (22)


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Because if you didn’t snap a picture, did you really go to Nukkar Dhaba (22)? Everything on the menu is aesthetically pleasing, plus it’s always ready for a close-up. This is arguably the hub of all your mouthwateringly gorgeous food, made for the ‘gram’. For something more serious, you’ll find a menu having something for everyone – old-school burgers, pizzas, soups, salads, sizzlers, and the list goes on. Locals love this cafe for drool-worthy food.

So, want to smart dine in at restaurants near you? Install Y the Wait and browse their menu online.

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