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Table Booking App – Cache in Your Restaurant Business Needs


Nowadays, diners expect everything done online. It goes for a table reservation as well. About 80% of restaurant owners use a table booking app to fetch reports, analytics and much more. Also, 54% of customers feel the online booking system is an essential part of restaurant services. Y the Wait assists in seamless restaurant operations and lets customers book tables 24/7 whenever they feel comfortable.

This software has become a crucial part of the success of a restaurant business. It allows customers to book seats and place orders quickly. Few customers want to dine in at their favourite restaurants even during rush. They have to want for other customers to finish their meals and take a seat.

As a business owner, you must provide comfort and convenience to your loyal customers. The advanced table reservation systems can help your customers to pre-book tables. It is assisting you to grow your business.

table booking app

At Y the Wait, we always listen to our clients. And that’s why after depth research with our table booking app, here will let you know why it is essential for the success of your business.

  • Automatic Updates

We understand every software or digital tool needs to be updated frequently. We have a team of highly skilled developers who are constantly updating our algorithm with respect to our client’s needs and market analysis. The users will get update notifications from Android and iOS platforms. So, there is no need for you to pay hefty fees to developers to update your own app or software.

  • Access from anywhere

The most exciting feature of Y the Wait is that you can check the operation and sales of your restaurant even if you’re on a vacation. So, you can easily eliminate the chances of theft at your restaurant in your absence. Your business is highly secured. Moreover, you can check or customize the shifts of your staff from our table booking app.

  • Reduce no-shows with a pre-order option

“Open-table” is a curse for the restaurant industry. It is found that about 15% of all restaurant bookings are no-shows. 15% now shows a great profit loss. If you calculate yearly, you lose thousands of dollars! With Y the Wait, you get pre-ordering features. Pre-order minimizes losses. Now, your customers can choose meals and pay for the order immediately after booking tables.

We assist you to forget about mistakes when customers book a table. Y the Wait offers your employees an easy and convenient table booking app experience. For more information, you can visit our contact page.

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