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Start Using Digital Waiter, We Know Waiting For Waiter Is Not Fun


Yes, a well-paced dinner at your favourite restaurant is one of the true pleasures of your life. Long waits to place an order or even place an addon can tarnish your dining experience. Usually, you all could do – is to grin and bear it. At busy times, long delays make you feel sick. The digital waiter is your answer. Now, there will never be a single chance server staff neglects your table for too long. We have designed it keeping in mind that no one likes seated for too long when they’re hungry. In this blog, we’ll explain how using Y the Wait can enhance your dining experience.

digital waiterYou deserve smarter tables

Y the Wait is a more convenient way to eat. Our mobile application is designed keeping you in mind. We’re a mobile-friendly and desktop ordering platform. Now, you can browse the menu of your local restaurants, take your own time to create orders and pay securely. It enables you to place orders directly from your smartphone. It sends orders directly to the kitchen and you receive meals once they’re ready.

How does it benefit you?

  • No need to wait for the waiter to bring the menu
  • Browse up-to-date menu online
  • Place orders directly from the mobile app
  • Keep a check on outstanding orders
  • Add items to your existing orders
  • View pictures of the dishes
  • Leave feedback about services on the app
  • View bill online before placing orders
  • No mistakes from the waiter
  • Call the waiter from the app
  • Pay final bill online from the app

Digital waiter is a gateway to convenience. Install now!

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