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Smartphones are changing the way customers dine out


Restaurants are tough businesses to operate. The restaurant industry is changing to cope up with the demands of customers. Additionally, the guest expectations have also heightened thanks to COVID. The key to surviving in current times is to adapt your restaurants with the new technology.

Nowadays, the way people interact is completely changed. This is true for the hospitality industry. Restaurants are known as a hub for fostering connections. However, people are now mostly inclined towards food delivery, curbside, and takeaway options. This dramatic change came into existence due to safety concerns. Maintain a balance between acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. Changing technology can make restaurants efficient and give more time to delight guests.

Smartphones are becoming an integral part of restaurant operations as knives or forks. Dine-in apps are transforming the way people dine out pre-COVID. Now, customers feel it safe to use their mobile phones for placing orders. They do not feel comfortable while interacting with the restaurant staff. 


dine in app

  1. Browse reviews online

The mobile applications let customers browse reviews online. They can make a decision for table reservations based on reviews from other customers. Restaurant owners also get benefitted from online reviews. Businesses can check the feedback of their customers. Put in place new ways to improve services and enjoy better customer satisfaction.

  1. Browse Restaurant’s Photo Menu

It is said 90% of purchasing decisions are influenced by visual factors. The restaurant’s photo menu can make orders taking up to 35% faster. Digital menu also reduces costs associated with managing a paper menu. Make your restaurant more environmentally friendly and update the menu 10X faster.

  1. Customers can place orders directly from smartphones

Dine-in apps allow placing orders from smartphones without waiting for a waiter. It saves time for restaurant staff. There is no need to confirm and re-enter the order. Simply, reduces human errors and empowers business leaders to analyze customer’s preferences.

Y the Wait is the best dine in app for your restaurant. It is available with a free POS software that streamlines many restaurant processes. From order entry to staffing can be managed from one place. Gives real-time sales reports allowing you to grow and thrive your restaurant business.

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