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Smart Waiter App – Your Waiters Perfect Partner


As a restaurant owner, you might be struggling to get answers to a few questions.

  • How can you fasten your services?
  • How to reduce the time your waiter spends rushing between customers and the POS system?
  • How to save time your employees spend to key in the orders from the various tables?

We have answers to all your questions. Start using our smart waiter app. It is a two-dimensional app benefitting both users and customers. Y the Wait has advanced CRM tools. They are useful to manage customers and also assists to increase revenue. Ai-based smart assistant for waiters improves the interaction between restaurant owners and customers. It improves work efficiency and simplifies operations. This app is ideal for service staff and store managers. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Simply, it assists your waiters to complete mobile spot orders.

smart waiter appHow does a smart waiter app work?

  • A user scans the QR code placed on the table
  • Places an order from their smartphones
  • Information is transferred to the kitchen
  • The waiter gets a notification about prepared meals
  • Finally, the meal is served quickly

Benefits of Using Smart Waiter App

Y the Wait is the solution for every problem a customer faces at any restaurant.

Send Orders in a Flash: Send orders to the kitchen with a single tap.

Save Efforts: No need for waiters to walk back and forth between the dining area.

Minimize Human Errors: Avoid taking wrong orders using pen and paper.

Familiar Interface: Android-based app with a familiar swipe, touch, and tap.

Smart Order Routing: Save time and confusion.

Increase Table Turnover: Instant bill printing allows you to serve more customers.

Easy Operation: Operate smoothly and conveniently in one hand.

Running a business from anywhere is no more a dream. Become a partner today and let’s grow together.

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