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Smart Restaurants: The Rise of Restaurant Tech


The next-generation consumer prefers smart restaurants instead of traditional restaurants. They demand convenience or safety, whether it’s on or off-premises. The digital transformation of restaurants is further accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some ways you can turn your traditional restaurant into a smart restaurant:

Geo-tagged marketing

You can use location-based advertising and social media campaigns on popular platforms. Start practicing it. You’ll grow in the future for sure.


You can save time and reduce errors by using free POS software like Y the Wait. Generally, the restaurants are changing their menus to keep customers. It’s not easy to check the availability of necessary ingredients without technology. In such situations, POS software can work as a boon for your restaurant.

Payment processing

POS and cloud-based systems are transforming restaurants and assisting them to electronic payments. So, if your customer is carrying cash or not, you can receive online payments at ease. Even let your customers split bills in a hassle-free manner.

Monitoring food waste

A smart restaurant has the right tools to watch food waste without any inconvenience. Food wastage is a common problem for the restaurant industry.

Online Food Ordering

Online food ordering is a big business in recent times. Next-generation customers find it convenient to place online food orders. Some owners feel digital ordering helps them fill more orders faster.

What examples of advanced technology have you seen in the restaurant industry? Let us know in the comments.


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