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Being “smart customers”, they don’t just need good food, but smart dine in options will make them decide whether or not to rate a restaurant 5/5.

How would you rate a restaurant that serves good food, but often makes you wait longer? Well, you know the answer! As a customer, you don’t just want tasty food today, but quality service and convenience are what you prefer. And with the world continuously evolving with tech, smart dine in is what you deserve.

According to a report, restaurant customers recognize convenience with technology. Being able to order and pay online is their preference. Thankfully, automation has already started in the hospitality industry. Restaurants today are quickly adopting smart dine in technology solutions to offer a modern restaurant experience to the customers.

But what does smart dine in hold for you? What can you expect from smart solutions at a restaurant?

Read on to know more.

smart dine in

Benefits of Smart Dine In for Customers

Online Delivery & Takeaway

Gone are the days when you needed to visit or call a restaurant to place your order for delivery. A few more years back, food delivery was mere imagination. Over the years, things have dramatically changed. Now, you can order your food either by visiting the restaurant website or via their respective mobile apps.

Smart apps like Y the Wait let you choose from a list of nearby restaurants and order the food items you wish to eat. Such apps also allow you to pay online. It’s like: Select – Order – Pay.

Dedicated E-Waiter at your service

Online food ordering is not just confined to placing a food delivery order, but you can now order your food online while sitting in a restaurant.

Yes, no more raising your hands to seek the waiter’s attention or calling them frequently for one or the other thing. Digital Waiter apps like Y the Wait allow you to access a restaurant’s menu on your phone simply by scanning the QR code placed on your table and placing an order. By having a personal e-waiter by your side, you get freedom from waiting long for your turn to order in restaurants.

Similarly, if you are on your way to home or office and starving, you could place your order on the go via such apps. So, all the hassle and wait is cut and you’re just left with enjoying the meal.

Pay Online

Online payment is one of the most essential smart dine in solutions available. You no longer need to carry cash or take trips to nearby ATMs for cash. By installing a simple app, you can make payments online instantly. In most cases, you don’t even need to carry your credit/debit cards. Also, you are freed from the risk of your cash or cards getting stolen.

Just carry your smartphones with the smart apps installed on it and enjoy a hassle-free dine in experience.

Get Notified for Best Food Deals

As customers, it is quite obvious for us to look for ways to save our money. Discount deals and offers are something that allows us to enjoy our favorite stuff while keeping our budget in check. Most food order apps offer deals and discounts to lure you on a regular basis.

You can simply enter your location and a filtered list of restaurants, cafes and other eating joints will appear on your mobile screens. Just select the restaurant and avail the offer during checkout and you may save BIG. With smart dine in options, finding location deals has become easier like never before.

Pre Orders and Reservation

If you are planning a surprise anniversary or birthday party and want to make reservations, you no longer need to do that on calls. With smart dine in apps, you can simply book a table in your favorite restaurant and pre-order your food.

The Final Say

You must adapt to smart dine in solutions for convenience and quality experience at restaurants. Else, you would miss out on becoming a part of the modern customer tribe.

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