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Self-Treat with Y the Wait: Top 7 Pick-Me-Ups Under your Budget


….because you deserve little pleasures in life.

Yes, life is hard. What more difficult is to get through the everyday grind. And amid the daily chaos, we often forget to take care of ourselves, which drains our soul. However, to keep going, it’s important that we pump-up our body, mind, and soul every then and now. And what could be better than pampering ourselves with little things? It can be a quick nap, a coffee break, or even ordering your favorite snack from an online ordering app!

Here we are sharing 7 small ways by which you can treat yourself, that too, almost daily. No!! Don’t at all worry about the budget. All these ideas will fit into your budget.

Let’s get started.

Budget-Friendly Self-Treat Ideas to Rejuvenate 

Treat yourself to a fancy coffee

Or a masala/ginger tea; whatever activates your senses and gets you on your toes back. You don’t have to stop over an overpriced cafe to indulge in a fancy coffee. You can make it yourself the way you like. And trust us! The coffee you brew yourself would be far more effective than the one you often grab at that coffee shop.

Take a Stroll in the Grass

Breathe some fresh and revive in nature! Get out of your walls and take a long walk in the park. You may plug-in earphones to listen to your favorite songs or podcast. Release all the negativities with each step you take and you will return home completely recharged. Don’t forget to see that glow in the mirror once you’re back.

Enjoy a crunchy-munchy treat

online ordering appBut only healthy snacking!! We love this one.

Food is one thing that can change your mood anytime, anywhere. And so does our online ordering app! It can get you your favorite food when and where you want! So, order what you’ve been craving for quite some time and just sit back and relax in your bed. Your crunchy-munchy treat will reach you in no time.

Get some flowers delivered to you

Who doesn’t love the freshness, hues, and fragrance of flowers! Buy a bouquet, even if it a bunch of 3-4 roses once a week for you. We won’t say much about it. Do it once and see the results!

Gift yourself something ‘small’

Remember the lip shade you’ve on your mind for a long but you’ve been postponing it for some reason? Buy it now! Go right to the store and yourself the lip shade or nail polish. Give yourself a pampering session of manicure & pedicure and embellish your glowing hands with the new shade. Damn! Just look at it.

Show your moves on the trending song

How about some move-shove on the trending number? You don’t have to be a pr, you know that! A 15-20 minutes dancing session can cheer you up like a baby. Oh! You can dance as long as you can. Just try this once and you’ll love it to make it a habit.

Surprise yourself at a nearby restaurant

online ordering appIf you’ve been waiting for your partner to call you on a date night, stop waiting for them! Instead, pre-order your food or reserve a table for you using our online ordering app and get dressed. It’s time to go on a date with yourself. Love yourself enough that you don’t need anybody else to make you feel loved or special.

Bonus: Flaunt before the camera 

Get ready you pretty lady and flaunt before the camera! Enjoy a snap session on your smartphone. Put on a few of your most loved dresses and beautify your looks with some cosmetics. Get that model-like feel and give some funny, stylish, and sensuous poses. No, don’t share it over Snapchat. Instead, get them printed and make a collage. Isn’t it a great decor idea, as well??

Make yourself feel special often!! It’s the only way to get going. These ideas won’t cost you much and make you the most adorable person in your life!

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