Restaurant Table Booking App: Clever Way To Boost Revenue During Tumbling Sales


Do you make your diners wait in queues for long to get a table at your restaurant? Do you still practice outdated ways of table booking? If yes, you are losing a lot of your customers!

Presently, it’s the technology that impacts the customer experience. Diners want a faster, safer, and more convenient dining experience. And table booking apps are at the top of the list. Statistics don’t lie:

  • 85 percent of diners wish they knew the estimated waiting time for a table.
  • Nearly 83 percent of diners would love to get their names listed on a waitlist before arriving.
  • The most significant technology feature for customers is online table booking (36%), free Wi-Fi (23%), and online ordering (19%).

table-reservation-systemThe above stats show that online table reservation is increasingly in demand. Let’s dig deeper into the increasing popularity of the online table reservation system and how restaurants can benefit from them.

1. Efficient Restaurant Management

Ever experienced a situation where you failed to deal with a sudden rush at your restaurant? You can prevent such unanticipated circumstances if you have an online reservation management system for your restaurant.

A table booking app will allow you to track your table reservations with maximum accuracy and avoid double booking or overbooking as all of your reservations (mobile, desktop, call-in) will be saved centrally in one place.

Plus, you can focus on other crucial restaurant tasks like attending the dining guests well rather than answering phone calls or emails for table reservations. Also, being able to communicate with guests (via the in-app chat system), there would be no loss of customers from missed calls.

2. Reduce the number of No-shows

When it comes to table reservations, no-shows are a big challenge. Stats show that 30% of customers don’t show up after reserving a table at restaurants. It is equivalent to losing nearly 1/3rd of daily booking profits.

A table booking app can solve the problem of no-shows. With the pre-order feature in apps like Y the Wait, the restaurant can ensure their customers show up once they book a table online. Also, the app allows them to make prepayments, which is again a reason for customers to show up.

3. Improved Customer Satisfaction

A faster, seamless online reservation system will make your customers more satisfied. No errors, no delays, no last hassle, real-time communication – with all such benefits, your restaurant will be more appealing to your customers. And more customer satisfaction means more retention, more sales, and more word-of-mouth marketing.

The Takeaway

Now since you know how a table booking app can benefit your restaurant business, waste no more time thinking and partner with Y the Wait. For more details, contact our support now.

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