Restaurant Owners… How Table Reservation Apps Can Increase Your Restaurant Sales?


Restaurants are one of the favourite premises. However, the restaurant industry is the hardest hit due to the recent coronavirus pandemic. Competition is at its all-time high. Also, the hospitality industry is already in a saturated state. Restaurant owners are facing huge competition right now. They are finding it difficult to surpass the competition. Uneven client turnover is the first problem faced by the restaurant owners. You need to attract more customers to keep your business afloat and want it to be profitable. A table reservation system is the best option for your business to overcome these hurdles.

Secondly, customers opt to visit your competitors due to longer wait times. It is considered as the main reason for losing customers. Restaurant management software is key to reducing table turnover time. Such software increases sales and optimizes your restaurant operations. Customers demand a more convenient dining experience. They need a robust table reservation system to book tables online.

Why Table Reservation is Important for Your Restaurant?

Manage Your Restaurants More Efficiently

A cloud-based table reservation system can be managed through your smartphone. So, there is no need to invest in special hardware for using the software. You can manage the restaurant efficiently even when you’re on vacation. Apart from this, this software often comes with a waiter app. Your waiter may ditch the paper pen for the order taking process. It will impress your customers and enhance the reputation of your restaurant.

Create a Better Guest Experience

When orders are placed through the phone, the restaurant staff makes common mistakes. These mistakes include reserving a table for seven guests instead of eleven. Forgetting about the special instructions given by the customers. It might be related to food allergy due to an ingredient. These silly mistakes have thrown a bad impression on the name of the restaurant. Moreover, the chances are high that a restaurant may lose customers. So, it is highly recommended to invest in a good table reservation system. It saves from making such mistakes and also adds accuracy to the order taking process. As your waiters are taking instruction from their smartphones. Thus, there are no chances of sending the wrong information to the kitchen.

Automate Tedious Reservation Process

The table reservation systems are easy to use for both the end players – customer and restaurant. It gives a complete timing schedule to customers and helps to choose a convenient time. Moreover, a customer gets an instant message notification for successful table reservations. It also reduces the headache of restaurant staff to take confirmation on the phone. This software sends automated reminders to the customers and lets them cancel or moderate the table booking requests.

Dealing with No-Shows

No show is a big challenge faced by the restaurant industry. Since a table has been booked in advance for a particular time and it cannot be assigned to the other guests. The restaurant has to wait for the guest. No show is a complete waste of time, money, and energy for the restaurant. A table reservation software helps restaurant owners to deal with no show issues. The open table reservation feature restricts diner to book a table in the future in case of a no-show.

Y the Wait offers restaurant owners a robust table reservation system. It comes with free POS software and provides guests with a personalized, hands-on experience. Contact our sales team for more information.

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