Rebuild Your Restaurants Operations In The Post-COVID Scenario With Digital Waiter


As most of the governments have lifted the lockdown nationwide, dining out is coming back, and people are showing interest in digital solutions to ensure their safety. Moreover, our partner restaurants are opening up to new protocols on hygiene and contactless deliveries. Our digital waiter app has provided an opportunity to minimise human-to-human contact and amid infection transmission.

It is an irrefutable fact that the restaurant industry is facing its worst existential crisis. More than eight million restaurant workers across the USA have been laid off or furloughed since March. COVID-19 came up as the most significant challenge faced by the restaurant industry to date. Lockdown implemented all over the world dropped revenues to zero and exposed the cracks that already existed.

How did we help?

Regardless of which scenario plays out, Why the Wait has helped business owners to start their delivery services by employing drivers themselves. By starting their delivery services, our esteemed partners saved huge margins on commissions paid to the third party companies. Thus, our restaurant partners found a way to pay salaries to their employees and give rent.

What to do next?

For restaurant operators across the world, we have introduced digital waiter app to reduce human-to-human contact. We made it easy to adjust the digital menu and enable customers to send orders directly to the kitchen.

Y the Wait’s food ordering system is designed with a mission to digitise overall restaurant operations and address shifts in customer habits to power businesses through new normal. With foresight and careful planning, we have the most significant focus to bring people back to the restaurants. Resolving safety is the primary catalyst for the same.

What is a digital waiter?

A digital waiter is a free guest registration and order placing mobile application used for placing orders in restaurants, airports, hotels, food courts, cafes & bars, nightclubs, casinos, cinemas, stadiums, and events. It is an innovative tool to reduce person-to-person contact to deploy end-to-end contactless dining in any restaurant. YTW app is the safest solution on the market. You can access the menu from any part of the world in your preferred language. Try now!

How does it work?

e-Waiter can make a difference. We help you enjoy a quick, no-touch, and hassle-free at your restaurant.

No-touch check-in

Scan QR code placed on the table of your fave restaurant.

No-touch menu

Browse the online menu of the restaurant of your choice

No-touch order

Place orders online directly from your smartphone

No-touch add-ons

Simply add-ons to your order without waiting for the waiter

No-touch payments

Make cashless payments from your phone. Split bills in a hassle-free manner

Benefits of Digital Waiter

Feel safe during COVID-19

Eliminate unnecessary touch points during COVID-19. Dine-in safely and place orders seamlessly from your smartphones.

Faster service

Enjoy faster service. There is no need to wait for the waiter. Save yourself from awkward movements and pay more attention to guests.

No-touch order

Place orders online directly from your smartphone

No Human Error

Save yourself from frustrating situations such as placing wrong orders. No order mixups.

Where can you use it?

Airports, Bars, Cafes, Casinos, Cinemas, Events, Foodcourt, Nightclub and so on

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