QR Codes vs Y the Wait – All in One Solution


COVID-19 is a massive game-changer for the hospitality industry. It is one of the worst-hit sectors. To ripple the effect, plenty of digital solutions came up to amid infection transmission while dining at any restaurant. Several start-ups have riped-pathed a wide range of next-generation solutions to reduce close human-to-human interactions and replace unhygienic paper menus with a cleaner digital menu option.

One futuristic solution in this emerging space of touchless ordering captured the attention of restaurant owners and operators is Y the Wait. The Dutch-based company represents the next frontier in contactless dining and guest engagement. Digital waiter approach to access the contactless menu addresses some of today’s concerns efficiently.

In this blog, we will highlight our unique features and explain why Y the Wait is an all-one solution for the hospitality industry.

QR Code Vs Y the Wait for Users

Multiple Restaurants at One Place

We have thousands of restaurants, bars and breweries with a live menu on our app. Users can look for happy hours, nearby restaurants and much more with Y the Wait. They can choose the best one from all the restaurants and book a table in advance to save time and avoid standing in a long line. Comparatively, the only QR based solutions don’t have this functionality.

Pre-order/Digital Check-in

The most exciting feature of Y the Wait is its pre-order functionality. Users can check availability on their favourite restaurants at any time. Once a user has booked a table in advance, they can pre-order meals and check-in even before leaving their home or office. It not only helps users to save precious time but also lets them enjoy VIP experience as the table is ready when they reach the restaurant.

Split Bills

The digital waiter is easy to use and understand. Friends, family members or even business partners can ask to split bills in a friendly manner by avoiding certain awkward situations when they’re ready to leave or in advance paycheck through a stored payment method or any other payment method they like. The QR code enables apps doesn’t allow users to split bills from one place.

Use one app at all places.

Y the Wait is a universal app and used by thousands of users around the globe. Users can use one app for all their dining needs at supermarkets, restaurants, airports, hotels, food courts, sporting arenas, casinos and so on. Now, there switch between apps to check the menu and order food online.

Donate to charities

Currently, the whole world is facing a massive financial crisis. Y the Wait has a unique feature to donate money to different charities all over the world. Users can easily give a preferred amount to any charity from their smartphones in a hassle-free manner.

QR Code Vs Y the Wait for Restaurants

No Installation Charges

The restaurant owners can sign up with Y the Wait for free. We on-board restaurant owners and grocery stores with minimal paperwork. There is no need to pay any installation charges. However, other QR code companies are charging hefty fees to bring eateries on-board.

No Monthly Fees

Y the Wait does not charge any monthly fees from restaurant partners. The business owners have to pay a minimal commission fee of 4% to the company on every order placed through Y the Wait. Comparatively, the QR based companies are charging hefty commission fees or monthly charges thinning overall margins of restaurant owners.

Employ Own Staff for Home Delivery

Apart from contactless dining, Y the Wait enables restaurant owners to start home delivery within an hour. The grocery stores and restaurant owners can employ their staff to start delivery services on the go. Now, they save huge margins with Y the Wait and no need to pay up to 30% of considerable margins to third-party delivery partners.

Start Takeaway or Ghost Kitchens

Newbies can try their luck in the restaurant industry by partnering with Y the Wait. Y the Wait offers an excellent opportunity for them. They can start takeaway or home delivery without leasing huge premises at a posh location. Business partners can start from a small place and on-board contactless dining whenever they like. The existing restaurant partners can always begin to takeaway services with Y the Wait and follow all the social distancing norms at their premises.

Reduce Lines & Improve Table Turnover Time

Now, there is no need to handle customers waiting in lines for placing orders for takeaway or facing no shows. The users can pre-order, check-in digitally or book tables in advance. This feature not only makes it easy for the restaurant owners to handle long queues and saves time for the users.

Y the Wait is reaching out to restaurant partners to educate them on contactless dining and social distancing norms. We have thousands of restaurant partners serving diners efficiently with digital waiter app. We’re updating our digital waiter app daily to help our restaurant partners to ensure the safety of their guests and patrons in these difficult times.

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