Proven ways to motivate your restaurant staff


Money is not the only source of professional motivation. To effectively boost office morale, we have tested and listed proven ways to motivate your team.

Public praise

Recognition of work contributes significantly to professional development. Take the time to thank the members of your team. Public congratulations will restore their confidence. Your employees will also appreciate this appreciation of their involvement. Check the performance of your employees using restaurant point of sale app.

Activities outside of work

Drinking after work is the traditional activity to strengthen team cohesion. There are, however, other alternatives such as incentives which will be an opportunity for your employees to get to know each other better.

Training for all

Training is a handy motivational lever because it shows that you are ready to invest in the development of your employees, who thus feel valued. Encourage employees who return from training to share the new knowledge acquired with the rest of the team. Manage the training of all your employees using a restaurant point of sale app.

Team lunches

Team lunches at the restaurant help boost employee morale and measure the atmosphere at work. Plan this lunch a week in advance so that your staff have time to celebrate.

An increase in responsibilities

If the members of your team express the wish to be entrusted with additional missions and if they deserve more recognition, try to grant them more responsibilities and reward them for their investment.

The prestige of the title

Give a better title to an employee when he has proven himself. However, this could encourage him to continue his efforts and could prove to be a motivator, for him as for the whole team.

Integrity daily

A manager who fails to gain the trust of his team could seriously damage the morale and cohesion of his team. This situation could worsen if he tried to pit the different members against each other. Show integrity and defend your organisation.

Flexibility and courtesy

If one of your employees has to be absent from work for personal reasons, be understanding. Your gesture will undoubtedly be much appreciated, and it will doubtless redouble your efforts to make up for the lost time. Your team members will understand this proof of caring. Maintain a record of absence and presence of your employees with a restaurant point of sale app.

Clear objectives and strong leadership

A bright and structured roadmap will be reassuring. Set specific goals for your employees, setting a course for a purpose will stimulate them.

How we can help?

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