Proven Tips to Optimize Costs at Your Restaurant


It is an irrefutable fact that all customers have pre-conceived expectation before they visit any restaurant. Food quality and service are two critical factors that ensure your guests are treated with stellar customer experience or not. It is the responsibility of restaurant owner, manager and staff to provide all the clients are handled professionally. A satisfactory dining experience leaves an overall positive impression on the customers. Therefore, the chances are high customers will return back and bring more friends & family with them.

Many restaurant managers face a reasonably complicated situation when they complete their monthly cash close. While they strive to perform more and more service coverage, they still do not see their margin increase. A digital waiter app can solve all such problems.

This observation is quite recurrent in catering, and it is since some managers confuse turnover and margin. If you want a more meaningful picture, they compare the money they generate with the money they keep. The only possible path to success is to analyze how to increase the share of the money you save. That is to say, increase your profitability.

The classic mistake when talking about profitability is to think directly about increasing sales. This is actually half the answer. The growth in profits effectively involves growing your sales but also reducing your expenses.

Reduce your direct costs

Reduce your direct costs is to reduce your stock. Knowing which products you should keep and which ones you should cut has a direct impact on your margin. Some small restaurateurs manage their inventory in an arbitrary manner and do not use their sales data to follow the evolution of their stock carefully. Sufficiently powerful cash register software should allow you to have advanced management of your inventory. The data to which you have access should enable you to define which products you can keep and which ones you should delete.

Reduce your indirect costs

Incidental charges are also responsible for a drop in profit. These are intangible charges that you cannot directly realize but which still have an impact on your income statement.

There are several ways you can limit this kind of problem. Tracking the sales of each of your products lets you know which product is working and which is less. So you can determine that for such and such a dish of the day offered on such a day it will be necessary to produce so many.

Increase your sales

You had it in mind from the start. Sell ​​more to increase profitability. For many restaurateurs, this means increasing the number of covers per service. The first way to sell more is to sell better. We are therefore interested in your salespeople, that is to say, your servers. To help them sell better, they need to be provided with tools that provide them with information on the dishes they sell: which wine goes best with which meal, what flavours it will release, etc.

Increase your average basket

Increasing your average basket also requires training your employees to know how to sell an additional drink or coffee. But it also involves creating menus that encourage your customer to take the formula and therefore order an extra starter or dessert.

Follow the evolution of your sales; take out your top products to determine which ones work best. Partner with a table reservation online service provider to increase footfall at your restaurant. Once you have the list of your best sellers, try to determine the set of ingredients that compose them to work out the material cost. Now is the time to work on your direct costs by renegotiating the cost of purchasing your products from your suppliers.

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