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Meet Chaat: Handpicked List of Desi Spice Mix for Food Lovers


What to say about this “beautiful” city – Chandigarh. Yes, it is the best-planned city in India and jointly a capital of two states – Punjab and Haryana. This picturesque city is planned by famous French architect Le Corbusier and located at the foothills of the Shivalik range. The city is not just famous for its architecture and peaceful aura but also for tempting food as well. Our digital waiter is widely accepted by Chandigarhians and they’re using it to dine out as per their needs.

north indian chaatChaat is one of the most loved quick bites of the North Indians. Being the most lip-smacking food, Chaats are well-known for owing irresistible delectable taste. If you’re planning to visit Chandigarh, use our digital waiter to get your favorite chaat wherever you like.




Golgappa or paani puri is every chaat lover’s delicious delight. They’re crispy and hollow filled with sweet, tangy chutney, Dahi, potato, and much more. Served with flavored water, basically made of mint, is absolutely taste-burst for street food lovers.

Dahi Bhalla


dahi bhalla


Dahi Bhalla is a delicious delight that is light on the stomach and gives tantalizing flavor to the tastebuds. The origins of Dahi Bhalla are unknown. It is called by several names across the country – Doi Bora, Thayir Vadai, Mosare Vada, and Perugu Vada. The name of the chaat speaks itself – its main ingredient is Dahi.

Papri Chaat


papri chaat


Papri chaat is a delicious combination of papri, dahi, and Tikki. Along with these main ingredients, the chaat is spiced up with chopped potatoes, onions, chutney, and garnished with coriander leaves to give a mesmerizing taste. Its origin is backed by the Mughal court and it’s quite popular among the Chandigarhians.

Aloo Tikki


aloo tikki


Unexceptionally delicious! There’s nothing like eating tikki’s (potato cutlets) garnished with onions, sweets, and spicy chutneys. Tikkis are shallow fried and mostly served with chole. At a few places, they are served with a mix of dahi and other spices.



bun tikki


It’s amazing how a piece of bread is combined with aloo tikki and tastes incredible together. It can be called the best marriage of food. Buns are soft and buttered and filled with a variety of sauces to make them spicy and tangy.

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