Local SEO: 5 steps to SEO your restaurant


We often mistakenly think that a content strategy is less important. It’s wrong ! It is always beneficial to boost your local SEO. For your local SEO strategy to be entirely conducted, you must take into account natural referencing as well as geolocation.

How to proceed? Here are five steps to follow.

1. Improve SEO by adding local content

Even if your activity is local, you must optimize your visibility by working on your natural referencing. To do this, you must: offer quality content, source your articles, include keywords, put links, and publish regularly.

In addition to this optimization process, you must include so-called local content. You can talk about events in your city or region but also about its strengths. Local topics should be related to your business.

2. Adopt Google My Business

Thanks to Google My Busines, you can set up a successful local SEO strategy. This tool offered by Google is an effective solution for businesses.

Thanks to it, your company will appear in both Google Search and Maps. Your users will thus have all the information they need to: contact you by phone or email, go to your website, come to your physical store. The tool also allows you to indicate your opening hours and to distribute photos.

3. Opt for Google Local Pack

Like Google My Business, Google Local Pack is a tool for businesses that have a local business.

Did you know?

This selection is even offered in priority in more than 90% of requests! To benefit from this visibility, all you have to do is set up Google My Business and collect a few online reviews.

4. Increase local citations

Local quotes are compelling! They boost your local SEO and give you better visibility. You can get them from directories, business listings, and even specific sites that post reviews online. Your site must be mobile-friendly; it must display correctly and quickly.

5. Do a local keyword research

Keywords are essential to be well referenced. It is also possible to add local keywords to the list worked on before the launch of content production. These allow you to benefit from a better-qualified audience and therefore, an optimized conversion rate.


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