Limit your food search with Y the Wait


Stop Scrolling! Start ordering your favorite meals from top-notched restaurants with a smart food ordering app. Choose your favorite from a range of food options with just a few taps.

Scan.Pay.Order instantly through your smartphones. If you are traveling to the UAE, install Y the Wait App and make reminiscing memories with digital technology.

With Y the Wait your food search will be finished because the smart food ordering app provides you with the best restaurants near you based on cuisines, ratings, and reviews. It is an online platform where your customers will get a one-stop solution to their food problems.

Let’s welcome convenience into your lives! You will get all the solutions here. Whether you are craving for Biryani or mid-night cravings, all will reach out to you faster than your imagination. Let’s discuss what all we have that will stop you from scrolling:


We don’t want our customers to wait for food. Get Y the Wait app into your phones and make your customer’s experience even better with a smart era of technology. It is easier for customers to stand ahead from competitions and they can enjoy their meal with just a single tap. Also, it reduces your long waiting lines, thus getting the order on your table in no time.


Let customers order food directly from your own branded Y the Wait app. If you are visiting UAE, visiting places you can install the smart app on your phone. You can scan-order-pay for your favorite cuisine and on the go enjoy the famous food of UAE With Y the Wait. Super Easy! Streamline incoming orders in your restaurant and give your customer satisfaction.

Pre – Order

A restaurant waitlist app, that sends a text message to the guest once a table is ready, enables diners to better manage their time rather than getting frustrated by waiting endlessly & looking at others enjoying their meal. In simple words, you can pre-order your meal and conveniently it will be reaching out to you. No more frustration with Y the Wait!

The question you should ask yourself is whether you want to rely on different online food apps that provide distinct solutions or for your customers you want a one-stop solution food ordering app. What if all these problems of yours, i.e dine-in, reservation, loyalty, customer ratings, reviews, nearby restaurant feedback, etc are all solved by a single app, Y the Wait. It not only helps you engage your customers your way to get an enormous edge over your competitors but also expands your customers a more satisfying experience.

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