Know the Rules: How Restaurants Can Minimize the Impact of COVID-19


For the first time in the last two centuries, we have lived without eateries. Such a scenario never happened during wars – when there was limited food to eat still; these establishments remained open. In the back of mind, we have a question – Why do restaurants exist? Why did we invent them? What are they for, if they serve any purpose? We can’t deny:

● Restaurants are an indispensable meeting place
● Restaurants are organized solitude
● Restaurants reinvent a ritual

Here are a few rules for the restaurants to follow to minimize the impact of COVID-19:

Distancing between teams

The restaurant staff must wear an appropriate mask. There should be hand/gel washing at least every hour, including for staff working at the counter. In the kitchens, hand washing must be implemented 30 minutes and wearing Charlotte must be compulsory.

Hygiene rules

The usual hygiene rules must be observed. The frequency of hand cleaning must be increased. Small spaces must be ventilated. The dishes must be served in clean and being stored in the establishment.

The rules of physical distance at the public level (customers, users, etc.) are defined and respected, based on one linear meter between 2 tables of diners formed (or via screens between tables when this distance is not possible). Only people with a seat can be accommodated in the establishment. This provision does not apply in the context of an outside catering activity.

Payment management

All contactless payment methods (prepayment, transfer, bank cards, QR code, etc.) must be preferred, and payment at the table is encouraged; for this, explicit communication is displayed, or oral instructions must be formulated.

Management of suspicious cases

In the event of suspected symptoms before taking up the post, the employee must consult and notify his employer. If signs are declared during the day: isolate the person (s) concerned. Ask him/them to wear a mask if this is not yet the case and ask them to call for help if necessary. The manager has a specific cleaning of the areas in which any person contaminated or showing symptoms of contamination has been able to work (employee or public).

Risk analysis

Regulatory risk analyses on worker health and safety are updated to include the Covid-19 risk. In particular, the new tasks created to respond to the pandemic are taken into account.

Order Food Online

Restaurant owners can build trust through contactless dining. They must encourage guests to order food online by adopting a QR code-based solution. These products are easy to understand and diners can enjoy error-free and contactless dining.

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