Integrate Smart Operations To Your Restaurant


A majority of restaurants are not aware of the restaurant management system. On the other side, software for restaurants are undoubtedly the unsung heroes of the food industry.

It is because the restaurant management system is helping the food industry grow in the limelight. Every customer wants proficient service from the restaurants. Restaurants can give accuracy and speed to the customers with Y the Wait.


Y the Wait is a digital waiter solution for restaurants and other F&G businesses. Your restaurant can enumerate efficiency in the staff members, daily activities, billing software, managing bulk dine-in, and takeaways orders easily.

Y the Wait can be a smart solution for your restaurant. This will help you to enhance the quality of customer’s services and empower them to reach beyond their limits and to revamp their future.


Manage table reservations
Y the Wait helps you to manage the table reservations with accuracy. Your restaurant can schedule the applicable table for customers according to demands and preferences. A digital monitoring app will help your restaurants to manage table reservations with ease.

Free POS and staff applications
Turn your smartphone into the powerful Point of Sale software. The restaurant management software will help your restaurant to grow more. It is a one-stop solution, you can manage sales, engage customers and increase profits. Note whether you run a single restaurant or multiple chain restaurants our Y the Wait can escalate your growth.

Enumerate efficiency in your staff members
Instantly you can check on your staff members day to day activities with Y the Wait. The digital solution will make your staff members more efficient. This will result in the w handling order inquiries faster and with more accuracy.

Manage bulk orders with proficiency
More time to interact with customers since they’re not as busy amending orders and navigating a complex user interface. Customers are happier because they’re getting great service, and they’re in and out of their seats quicker too.

Fewer errors with a digital solution
Digital solutions will help your restaurant to escalate to new heights. Eliminate the human error in the restaurant when you register with Y the Wait. The software will induce fewer errors in the day-to-day operational activities.

Integrated with all devices
Y the Wait is integrated with all devices. You can turn your smartphone into a powerful digital solution.

Partner with Y the Wait and speed up your restaurant service.

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