How YTW Delivery Feature Can Give Your Restaurant The Edge


Due to chaos caused by COVID-19 outbreak, it has become difficult for restaurant owners to pay massive commissions to the third-party delivery partners. At this time, YTW has emerged as an available channel to reach out to potential customers by paying low commissions. We have empowered our restaurant partners to streamline their delivery operations and do not depend on third-party delivery companies to dominate food delivery. More and more users prefer to order with digital waiter app.

Here we’ve listed a few benefits of YTW Delivery Feature for your business:

1. Complete Control

YTW online food ordering system offers complete control over the delivery process to the restaurant owners. It helps restaurant owners to meet customer expectations and make changes to delivery route without placing a request to third-party delivery apps. Train delivery staff as per your requirement and manage order with digital waiter app.

2. Better Service For Customers

Customer satisfaction is the main focus of any restaurant business. It enables customers to train delivery staff and control the entire delivery system. The restaurant owners maintain the overall order cycle. You can send your trustful employees to deliver meals. The delivery boy is your interface between restaurant and customer. So, you can train your staff about all the safety measures they need to take so that you can deliver exceptional services to the customers.

3. Better Profits

It is seen that the third-party delivery apps are taking up to 30% of commissions from the restaurant partners. Such massive commissions are thinning the margins of restaurant owners. If we compare commissions with Y the Wait, the delivery partners are charging up to just 4% commissions. YTW delivery app eliminates recurring costs and other hidden commissions associated with third party commissions.

Bottom Line

Keep your brand perception consistent on all the platforms with Y the Wait. In this way, you can handle the entire food delivery system from one place without overshadowed by third party delivery app. So, what are you waiting for? Fill up our contact us form and our sales executive will help you get started in no time.

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