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How to Use Waiter App for Guaranteed Growth


Gone are the days of pen and paper. With the waiter app, everything has become more efficient. There is no need for server staff to visit each customer to take orders. Y the Wait allows diners to send orders to the kitchen with any human intervention. It completely removes the need for bulky POS machines. The main advantage of Y the Wait is that it completely removes the need for a notepad. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. We remove mistakes and make the over food ordering process digital. It means your restaurant business is more reliable, efficient and accurate. You can handle more customers at the same time. As there is no need for your customers to wait for server staff to place orders. It will increase customer satisfaction. Also, make operations at your restaurant quite simple.

How to use a waiter app for smarter table management at your restaurant?

waiter appReliable and Faster Table Order

It is a bad idea to rely on your waiter’s memory. This will lead to negative reviews for your restaurant. By switching to Y the Wait, you can manage orders and even slip/swap tables from the mobile application.

Send Orders to Different Kitchens

You might be operating your restaurant through many kitchens. The POS system will send an order to the right kitchen where the specific dish has to be prepared. There is no need for you to worry. Our waiter app will manage dish preparation for your restaurant.

Capture Customers Details

Use Y the Wait to check your customer details. It is useful to build your customer database. You can use these details to send personalized offers on their birthday and anniversary. These will help you to create an impression on your valuable clients and also give them a chance to use your services once again.

Waiter app is simple to use and makes your restaurant operations seamless. You can use it on your mobile phone, laptops and pcs. There is no need to invest in complicated devices and spend on their maintenance. Also, your employees will get ample time to take care of your guests. Simply, Y the Wait is increasing turnover at your restaurant and giving you the best digital tools to organize the time for your employees.

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