How To Serve Large Areas With Y the Wait



It is an irrefutable fact that serving distant areas is quite tricky. The main reason behind the delay is remoteness from the main hall or even kitchen. The garden and terraces are much more magnificent than the main hall. Also, these places are much more crowded than in the main hall. So, you may want to make your restaurant more productive. And, you’re not alone.

Personalizing large service areas like beaches which have a lesser staff is difficult. Your waiters may need to turn a lot of walking for taking and executing orders. Also, your waiters may not wait too long in the main hall, and they need to communicate with the kitchen as well. Today, the level of living is high due to the transformation in digital technology. So, the next frontier of technology for the restaurant business is a digital waiter. The customers want to integrate new technology into their dining experience. It will not only speed up meal planning/ordering and paying off the bills. In case you are not using the latest technology, and you may face frequent walk-aways.

Y the Wait is the latest innovation in the restaurant technology. The tech-savvy diners expect elegant solutions like a digital waiter app that works. In this blog, we’ll explain how Y the Wait can help you serve large areas in a hassle-free manner.


It’s a win-win, as it works well for you and your customers. In busy times, customers can order in advance. So, your staff gets plenty of time to organize themselves. Y the Wait app makes your restaurant productive and efficient. It will assist your restaurant in serving food on time without any delay. The pre-order feature provides convenience to customers. Moreover, we offer better customer satisfaction to your customers on your behalf.

Digital Menu:

Y the Wait lets your customers browse your restaurant menu from their smartphones. It minimizes the service time. Y the Wait allows your customers to visualize the dishes before they order. It helps your customers to make quick choices. Customers can share personal recommendations/comments while ordering food.

Service calling system:

Most of the time, when your customers need something, your waiter is gone. Don’t worry. Now your customers can call the waiter from their smartphones when they need with Y the Wait app. It decreases the time for waiting and make your customers happy.

Real-Time Progress Updates:

Y the Wait enables users to get real-time updates for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery. This feature makes going out easy. Customers get a clear picture before stepping into your restaurant. While in short of time, your customers can reach your place once the order is ready and save their precious time.

So, if your staff is struggling to serve all corners at your restaurant, then it’s time for you to partner with us. Our customer care team is always happy to help you. Fill in our contact form for a quick call with our friendly representative. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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