How to properly manage customer reviews of your restaurant?


You do everything in your power so that your customers have excellent experience in your restaurant. You spend thousands of hours checking that everything is perfect. But still, the dreaded moment arrives: you get a negative opinion online.

Once you’ve analyzed and “researched” the review, you’re ready to start writing your response.

Remember that you are not responding to a single customer. 

Your answer will be read by all your potential clients. Think of them when you reply.

Try to answer as quickly as possible, ideally in less than 48 hours.

Clients should notice that it is something that you really care about and that you give it the priority it deserves.

Respond to the customer by name and with the right tone. 

Also thank you for taking the time to comment. Most of the time, this calms you down and makes you more responsive.

Focus only on the most severe problems. 

You do not need to answer absolutely every question that has been raised in the criticism.

Try to give an answer as short as possible. 

This will increase the chances that your potential clients will take the time to read it.

Don’t have “pre-designed” answers.

Try to make each solution unique. You must show that behind the computer there is a human, not a robot.

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