How to Optimize Table Reservation in a Restaurant?


Contactless dining and online food ordering have become an everyday thing.

We all understand that table reservation at your restaurant is tricky to master. You may want to accommodate almost every walk-in and also cater online reservations at the same time. With Y the Wait, the table reservation will be a child play.

Here’s how Y the Wait improves table reservation at your restaurant.

Reduce No-Shows With a Pre-Ordering Option

Our preordering option lets you save thousands of your orders. Now, there is no need for you to worry about no shows. Customers can preorder food through our app and pay for the order immediately after booking table.

No Extra Hardware

The restaurant owners can access our free POS system on their mobiles or their laptop/desktop. There is no need to purchase extra hardware. Also, we have a dedicated team working on our POS system and updating it daily. Just keep all your focus on your customers and let us handle all the technical glitches.

Receive Reservations Easier Than Ever

Our overall system is designed in such a manner that you will receive reservations efficiently and faster than ever. Simply, you must forget about the mistakes. Your staff will get notifications directly on their mobile phones and screen.

Analyse Customer Data

Check insights of orders placed and table reservations at ease. We help you analyse every data point related to your business and converts them into meaningful insights. You can improve everything at your restaurant ranging from staff straining to restaurant policies at your restaurant.

Want to Get Started?

Send us an e-mail, give us a call, or check our FAQs. Whatever your preference, we’re here to help!

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