how to make your restaurant stand out from competition

How to make your restaurant stand out from competition


There is no doubt about the fact that social media channels are highly useful for the processes of promotion in the business industry. Instagram is one of the most famous applications which are used in the field of restaurant marketing. It helps in showcasing your smart restaurant all over the industry. Irrespective of anything, it is completely true that before checking out a dish, customers check out the images of the food that probably sums up as eating with eyes.

Nowadays, people are extremely fond of the food which is the reason they are more into the world of showcasing the food all the time like clicking pictures and videos of the food, further posting it on social media and a lot more. Instagram is a definite cost-effective method for letting the audience know about your food. This way, the smart restaurant can easily attain several potential customers towards their work. Posting often, on social media with delicious and alluring pictures can be extremely fruitful for the business in every way. Thus, bringing more and number of customers as well as a huge crowd towards the restaurant.

As per the observations and research, around eighteen to thirty-five years of age of people are much likely to surf for food porn and application on Instagram. The rest of the people, do not find it cool to get in touch with a smart restaurant which does not seem interesting on social media channels. To achieve success, there needs to be an undertaking of the creation of better and innovative posts for Instagram. The same post can help a person in knowing about the usage of a restaurant effectively for Instagram promotions.


Be careful in using hashtags, as there must not be any usage of randomly based tags. Rather than using the same, it is better to prefer hashtags that are in relevance to the restaurant marketing in every way. The posts and updates are not just seen by the account followers but also by many other people who are in search of good representing food. Users can make way towards a huge variety of hashtags and search numerous things easily. One can even select a large number of tools for the selection of famous and relatable hashtags for the business. Exploring the account of food bloggers can also be greatly helpful as they are, as they have some of the finest discoveries which further lead to great exposure. For adding hashtags, be alert about the number of tags to be posted as the only thirty can be added in a post. It is better to add a moderate amount of hashtags only.


Instagram is a social media platform that is all about posting amazing pictures and videos, which is the reason that writing captions on the posts make them more attractive. Words are powerful enough for showcasing the good standards of any brand. Also, for standing still in the competitive industry, there is a great need to make way for unique creativity, so that there can be a completely different distinction of your posts. Building an accurate caption all the time is surely not easy. For that case, one can start with a story or start being interrogative for building interest of the customers, play along with the emojis, mention various other pages, the addition of a call to action system and so much more.

Number of Posts

How many numbers of times is the requirement for posting is another big thing that needs to be known by the smart restaurant. One of the best ways is to upload a picture three times. In case, one is not able to do the same, then better stick to posting at least once. There is simpler access to the insights that help learn the daily schedule, or gender, age of the audiences. Choose an appropriate time for posting, when a large number of followers are active.

Follow Stories

With the Instagram new feature of the twenty-four-hour stories, a lot of reality has been conquered. Well, it is because these are regarded as real in comparison to the Instagram feed. People post the latest stuff on stories that disappear just after twenty-four hours. Likewise, the users one can make way by clicking the special food, rides or parties or the bloopers of some party pr function right there. It can be beneficial for the followers of any restaurant account as they will be able to take a look at how the food is prepared or the environment.

Install Instagram for your restaurant marketing and boost up potential customers for better goodwill and profit generation!

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