With more countries implementing social distancing measures in an effort to eradicate the coronavirus, however, the local industries are feeling the effect. Till date, governments around the world have forced the closure of restaurants, bars and other food companies. How can food industries try to stay alive in these difficult times and how can consumers support their local food and hospitality business?

Offer home delivery and/or fast food

One way to continue to serve your customers is takeaway and home delivery – two options that most governments support in local areas. And take advantage of the existing food delivery apps like Y the Wait. Most of these delivery services already have a “contactless delivery policy“, in which the delivery boy keeps the package outside the door of the customer, so they can choose without any human contact.

How to get started with Y the Wait

  • Go to and click “Register Your Business
  • Fill out the form with your restaurant information: name, address, number of branches, meal type
  • Submit required documents
  • Y the Wait provides all online services for ordering, delivery and payment
  • Your restaurant will be activated within Y the Wait instantly

If you are concerned about door-to-door order because you don’t have much experience with online ordering, you can easily manage workflow with YTW Business App. It sends your delivery orders to your POS system, so you can easily manage your sales channels online. Takeaway offers are another good option – you just have to pay more attention to personal hygiene and keep clients and employees out of safety.

  • Prevents people from touching door handles and other surfaces
  • Establish a hand-washing/disinfection station for customers and employees
  • Determine a minimum distance between customers lining up in the hall

Our takeaway option allows customers to place orders online – and are usually paid before collecting from the store.

Sale of surplus and/or food in stock

You can sell surpluses or stocks online with our supermarket module. Many restaurants do not have time to sell perishable products before they are closed. You can also try selling additional meals with the “Buy now, enjoy later” message. This could be a way to use fresh ingredients to prepare dishes that people can freeze for later consumption.

Selling gift cards and sales vouchers

Another way to get support from your loyal customer base is to ask them to purchase gift cards that they can use in the future. You can sell gift cards online and email them to your customers, including a thank-you or personal message.

How can we help?

Y the Wait is an online digital waiter application that has collaborated with various restaurants, retail stores, pharmacies, corona relief organisations, grocery stores, etc around the world to help the users order their necessities from their home, pay online, and donate as well. To know more or sign up with us, visit

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