table reservation system



One of the primary aspects of hospitality is effectively managing the table reservations at your restaurant. Especially during the post-covid times when dine-in customers are very uncertain, there needs to be a well-devised strategy to ensure that you accommodate the needs of your customers along with not compromising the health of your staff.

Here are a few ways in which you can improve the table reservations at your restaurant.

Maintain social distancing

COVID-19 has shifted the focus of the entire world towards safety. Thus, customers are obviously preferring places that are implementing measures for safe dine-ins. If you would like the public to choose your restaurant over the other competitors, place your tables at an optimum social distance from each other. This will create a sense of safety in their mind and you will get more table reservations.

Don’t reserve all of your tables

While table reservation in restaurants might be a more secure option for customers, try to make sure that you always leave space for the impromptu dine-in customers as they are most likely to leave when they see booked tables. Decide on a ratio of tables that need to be reserved and free. Also, less crowd in the restaurant is better to limit interactions and chances of spreading coronavirus.

Give online ordering options

Offer the benefit of ordering online instead of touching the menu or interacting with the staff. Since people are quite worried about their hygiene and want to dine securely, knowing that they can place their orders using their own phones will work in your favour and increase the table reservations at your restaurant.

Market your restaurant

Taking all of these amazing steps will be of no good if you do not market your restaurant the right way. Make sure that the features, facilities, and food of your restaurant reaches your target customers. Only then will you be able to get more business and generate profit to cope up with the losses incurred due to COVID-19.

These are some very simple ways to increase table reservation in restaurants. You can get access to all these features by partnering with online food ordering apps at a good price. Try it out and see how it works for your business.

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