Let us look at this scenario: you’re visiting a foreign land and looking for a good place to have lunch. If you’re like a typical customer, you’ll be likely seeing the restaurant’s ratings and reviews before visiting.

And there’s no doubt, every customer relies on reviews and ratings before making any reservation. So, why do online reviews matter?

This simple answer is: your guests are reading reviews online and it has a direct impact on their decision to dine in at your restaurant or not. Therefore, a restaurant’s reputation has an immediate effect on its bottom line.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with an insight on how to create a proactive online rating strategy.

1. Invite Your Regular Customers To Review

If you have a league of regular customers with whom you’ve fruitful relations, you can reach them to leave a positive reply for your eatery. Likely regulators will be keen to spread word-of-mouth praise for your business and let other people know about their exceptional dining experience.

2. Engage With Existing Positive Reviews

It is always recommended to show gratitude to the positive reviews you’ve already received. Take out some time to reply and appreciate the connection. In this way, you’ll get associated with your diners at a personal level and chances are high they will spread a word about your restaurant with their family and friends.

3. Set Up A Review Station

You can set up a review station using a tablet at your reception which your customers can use to leave a review more conveniently. It will not only make the review process easy but also let your happy customers share their experience more likely. If you go this route, make sure your business doesn’t get penalized for getting too many reviews from the same IP.

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