How to Create Staff Structure at Your Restaurant


Working in the restaurant business is challenging. Between the pressure, the staggered hours and the frantic pace, many demotivating factors can affect productivity at work.

Productivity is, therefore, a strategic factor essential to the profitability of a company that it should not be neglected. To do this, we present our three tips to optimize productivity at work.

Foster a right working environment

Staff turnover is a rather normal phenomenon in the restaurant industry. Facilitate the integration of newcomers allows you to reduce internal movements and avoid the loss of competent employees. If they feel welcomed and useful, your employees will want to evolve in your structure.

Strengthen the organization

By automating the management of your organization, it is easy to improve the profitability of your restaurant. Many tools will help you better manage your resources and thus improve the work productivity of your employees. It is this schedule that defines the missions and the place of each one. Without this planning, there can be no organization, and without organization, there is no performance.

We recommend using a smart planning tool. No more Excel tables that require considerable creation time. Once implemented, this new tool allows you to have an overview of the organization of your restaurant.

By establishing precise and accessible schedules, your employees benefit from a clear and defined organization. By better managing your human resources, you allow your team to be more efficient and reassured about the tasks to be performed.

Perform precise measurements to assess productivity

Improving restaurant growth without keeping up with changes in restaurant profitability is a risky bet. To analyze productivity at work, it is essential to accurately measure performance indicators. These calculations are essential to define angles for improvement and to ensure the proper functioning of the company. Because once the teams are in charge, you must ensure their commitment and their effectiveness. Thus, we advise you to calculate the hourly productivity ratio. This ratio will make it possible to establish the turnover produced by all of your employees during a given period.

These three tips form an aid to the growth of restaurants. We have focused these recommendations on human resources, which represent the fundamental basis of good productivity at work.

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